I am a licensed psychologist with specialized training and board certification in pediatric neuropsychology. I conduct comprehensive assessments of children ages 3 and older. A neuropsychological evaluation is typically more comprehensive than a psychological or psychoeducational evaluation.
Common referral issues include: ADHD, academic difficulties, autism spectrum disorders, head injuries, seizure disorders, memory difficulties, social struggles, and psychiatric disorders.
Clients are typically referred to my practice by pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, therapists, school districts, and former patients.
The goal of each evaluation is to clarify the child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses and to determine why the child is struggling in school and in life. A comprehensive report is prepared for the parents that includes practical recommendations for the school setting and outside of school. I give special care to work collaboratively with the child’s school because they are usually such an important part of a child’s education.

Recommendations emphasize evidence-based interventions for school and home.They reflect the most recent research and literature available.
A typical battery of testing assesses intelligence (IQ), academic skills, attention, memory, problem solving, mental flexibility, visuospatial skills, processing speed, motor functioning, social abilities, and emotional functioning.